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October 19 thru January 26
Delaware Art Museum
posing beauty in african american culture
7 shows Dec 13 thru Dec 21
the black box
passing strange
Every Tuesday @ 6 pm
The Episcopal Church of Saints Andrew an
drum circle
every Thursday morning, 8:15-9:20
The Light Within Yoga Studio
evolving level at light within
Synthesis and synergy of body-mind-spirit via integrated somatic process. Simply put, what we do in the mind happens in the body, and what we do in the body happens in the mind. Strengthen and mobilize your entire being. All are welcome and preregistration is recommended.
every Friday morning, 8:15-9:20
The Light Within Yoga Studio
gentle at light within
Gentle does not mean easy! This practice is mindful, integrated, and profoundly connecting. Define your practice on and off the mat. All are welcome and pre-registration is recommended.

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