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shape-shifting : or : feminist spirituality

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

One is not born, but rather becomes, woman. – Simone de Beauvoir [1]

Together, we must move like waves. – adrienne marie brown [2]

By whatever shaping current, I am in this lifetime a woman. I chose this, perhaps a million years ago, to burn karma: I am an activist. As a woman, I know oppression. Because I'm white, I know privilege. As a biological woman, I cycle with the moon, bleeding at the full, and own the responsibility of being a red moon woman. I am a woman who is also a mother. As a spiritual woman, I shape-shift. So for the purposes of this thought flow, I will disidentify.

Spirit is fluid and broad. It encompasses all. Spirituality is interconnectedness and divine entrainment. It is the ocean, and I am a wave. Spiritual practice is one of energetic dexterity, ultimately defying description, yet real. My practice is of my bodies: yes the flesh body, and then of the senses, of the energies that I have come to know as emotion and thought, of the vibrant collection of energies that stir as julia. My spiritual practice is one of re-membering and re-collection.

[1] The Second Sex. 1949, 283.

[2] emergent strategy. 2017, 16.

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