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undo. reclaim. imagine.

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

I am undoing white supremacy by staying open to learning what that term means, how I have accepted and internalized it until it has become invisible to me, the ways in which I perpetuate the system, and teaching my children to be conscious members of the community around issues of oppression. I am conscious of the fact that I can do nothing meaningful in the wider world if I don't address these issues first within myself and second within my family and close community; I believe that these seemingly small-scale acts of undoing in everyday life are how we affect big change.

I am reclaiming myself as a human animal worthy of love, outside of societal constructs and cultural programming. I am reclaiming my body~mind through radical acts of self-love, terrifying moments of self-confrontation, and peaceful abiding in meditation. I am learning to forgive, starting with searching for what that word might actually mean. I am finding strength in community, in right relationship, by bringing the truth of my process to others in circle and in friendship. When I teach, I want to create a space where people feel seen and heard in order to reclaim the essential things they've lost, whatever they may be.

I am reimagining the way that education works, inspired by revolutionary teachers like Becky Thompson, Parker Palmer, Paolo Freire and bell hooks. I want to be a part of a revolution. I want learning to be defined by openness to all aspects of experience, where shadow is as welcomed as light. I am reimagining the classroom to be a place of refuge, of community, of spiritual clarity and connection, of embodiment. I am reimagining a setting that spreads out from the circle's center... where students leave and take what they've learned into the wider world by modeling their 'education.' Where education is modeled and transmitted just by living, by allowing the natural feedback loop of awareness to create teaching and learning in each moment.

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