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Learning with Julia is such an enlightening and endearing experience. It was easy for me to walk away from the lessons feeling so good about the time we spent together and inspired to apply the knowledge I had gained. 

- r.b.

What I especially appreciate about Julia is her openness to whatever is present. This allowed me to explore my internal landscape and how it was manifesting in my body in a new way. Her knowledge and sensitivity helped me grow my practice in an invaluable way that is hard to describe.  I am naturally (or at least have been socialized to be) a very self-conscious person who struggles to let go of self-judgement and be happy with where I am. I am more confident now that no matter what shows up in my day, that it is okay and that everything is as it should be. I thank Julia for this! I truly appreciate her teaching. She radiates love and compassion; zero judgement, pure love!

- s.s.

I had the distinct honor of being a student in Julia's classes as part of my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. Julia's depth and breadth of knowledge in her subject areas was exceeded only by her ability to translate complex and somewhat esoteric philosophies into language that made the information accessible to the student.  Julia glows...really she does....with a bright light filled with grace, joy and love combined with a brilliant smile and extraordinary intellect. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her energy unmistakable. She lights up a room...and a heart.

- j.m.

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