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InsideOut Literary Arts

Every voice counts. Since 1995, InsideOut has cultivated the literary and academic skills of Detroit's students through transformative creative writing programs.


Peace, my name is Brittini Ward. I am 28 years old and a creative/old soul at heart. Spiritual Being. Healer. Lightworker. Backed by my Ancestors. Guided by Spirit. Loved by God.

La Shaun phoenix Moore

Rock star. Vocalist. Wife. Activist. Poet. Host.

Andre Jones

Indestructible Ink is a collection of poems and plays that chronicle personal experiences and events that were witnessed while growing up black in America. These offerings express one point of view from the wild affected world of an African American male, with systemic social injustice and mistrust at his core. The adopted customs due to racism and bias that, has been enacted over centuries, shapes a personal reality.

LuFuki & Divine Providence

Divine Providence is a collective of jazz musicians formed by guitarist/bandleader, Lu Fuki, who felt the need to connect hearts through sound, for a challenging and uncertain time, in order to promote solidarity, freedom, and social action.

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