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becca  morgan

Becca Morgan is an artist, learner, educator and hardcore weirdo. She’s handy but not a tradesperson, mathematical but not a mathematician, feminist but indifferent to gender. Equal parts utilitarian and idealistic, optimistic and realistic, spiritual and atheist, you’re equally likely to find her fingers on a keyboard as knuckle-deep in the dirt.


She currently works at a nonprofit that brings media arts and journalism education to Philadelphia public schools and gives students and teachers access to the tools and skills they need tell their stories. Previously she worked in the corporate and retail sphere hawking and training folks on consumer electronics.


Becca believes that despite current trends, technology—especially the internet—is a tool with the inherent capacity to connect people who wouldn’t otherwise see or hear each other and lift ideas that would otherwise be lost in the noise.


Becca believes that silence is a tool and all the ways one can find it, whether alone or with others, are paths to getting a handle on the anxiety that comes from living in a society that doesn’t want us to hear our own or anyone else’s truths.


She finds joy in unanswered questions and having her worldview knocked sideways, and hopes to help others delight in, rather than fear, the unknown.

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