next world


Together we must move like waves.

- adrienne maree brown

The next world collective is founded on a vision of liberation.

Liberation from oppressive and systemic social constructs.

Liberation from psychological and social patterns that keep us locked in a system that denies the wholeness, interrelatedness, and inherent  value of all beings.

Liberation from isolation and unhealthy fear.

Liberation from seeing ourselves and the world as broken.

Why "next world?"

Our name comes from the brilliant mind and spirit of the artist and activist Cristy C. Road. The word "next" implies continuity. We must build on and continue the good work of community organizers, artists, scholars, authors, teachers, mothers & fathers, and all transformative leaders—past and present—to cultivate and develop practices that establish connection to self, family, and community.

This collective is founded on the hope of collaboration. It is a space for all voices and perspectives, resonant with wisdom and originating from all social locations and identities. It is a collage of stories, and reflection.

The next world is about re-membering and re-collection. Forward movement is possible only when we collectively and individually recognize and witness the strength and beauty of who we are

and have always been—because in that visioning

the next world is now.

julia byrem

restorative practices / somatic therapeutics

traci currie

performative arts / communications

jacquetta malcom

yoga / reiki / herbalism

marylea quintana

visual arts education

casira copes

marketing & communications

becca morgan

media arts & journalism

founder + facilitator






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