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Together we must move like waves.

- adrienne maree brown​

Why "next world?"

Our name comes from the brilliant mind and spirit of the artist and activist Cristy C. Road. The word "next" implies continuity. We must build on and continue the good work of community organizers, artists, scholars, authors, teachers, mothers & fathers, and all transformative leaders—past and present—to cultivate and develop practices that establish connection to self, family, and community.

Image by Nicola Fioravanti

what we do

next world collective is a woman-owned small business offering equity solutions with a restorative approach.


next world's  Restorative Equity Program is offered to organizations and is specifically tailored to each organizations' strengths, needs, and vision. next world collective helps organizations create lasting and sustainable positive change.

next world's coaching and advisement services focus on connection, empowerment, and building and repairing relationships—we work together to ensure that everyone's perspectives are valued and everyone's  voices are heard. 

next world is dedicated  to providing services to all individuals, regardless of gender, race, class, and dis/ability.

the team


julia k. byrem



chanele moore

equity and justice practices


traci evadne currie

performative arts / communications

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