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Dr. Moore is a full-time professor of Sociology at the University of Delaware. Her work emphasizes a key concept in Sociology—the sociological imagination—a way of seeing the world that emphasizes the connections between individuals and the society in which they live. Through inclusive teaching approaches, Dr. Moore seeks to spark and devleop the sociological imagination by engaging students in comparative analysis and personal reflection—linking their ideas, feelings, and behaviors to the particiular time, place, and communities in which they live. 

Dr. Moore serves as the Chief Diversity Advoate for UD's Assoicate in Arts Program and supports the AAP's mission to promote student success in and beyond the program. Dr. Moore received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology, with a focus on group dynamics, from Bowie State University. She received her M.A. and Ph.D. ub sociology, with specializations in race, class, and gender, from the University of Delaware. Her dissertation focused on black woman leaders in K-12 education.

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