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jacquetta malcom

My path has wound around over the years, but has always been one of wellness. I hold a B.S. in Kinesiology & Exercise Science from the University of Houston where I began my career as a personal trainer and group exercise teacher. I continued my career in the fitness industry, always seeking to make healthy living accessible to all. In 2003, I transitioned from direct client training into sales and marketing in the health club industry, and became interested in the study of phases of change and transformational language with a mission to help people actualize change in their lives.


During this transition, I received a life changing diagnosis of fibromyalgia.  While helping other make changes I found myself on a new journey.  Later that same year I discovered yoga and meditation.  What followed was the development of a practice that is personal and also my job. As a teacher and yoga school faculty member I contribute joyfully to supporting others in their personal practices, cultivating teachers as well as supporting the growth and harmony of our greater community.


In a true story meeting of happen stance I met my Reiki teacher.  From across the room at a wellness convention we became instant friends.  I have always known that there is more to each of us than what the eyes behold. As a Reiki Level Two Practitioner I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to bring positive energy to people, places and spaces as often as I can.


When I'm not teaching or learning, I'm outdoors, especially working in my kitchen garden, or hiking with my family.  I find great joy in time spent with others doing all things crafty and creative, cooking, and having good conversation.

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