justice + peacebuilding

all workshops are lovingly facilitated in circle

An introduction to the restorative practice of circle process. Learn method, strategies and activities through participation in talking and learning circles. 

an introduction to circle process

This is a difficult and necessary dialogue on race intended for white progressives and activists yet all are welcome and all voices gratefully appreciated.

white privilege, white fragility

An introduction to the concepts of restorative and transformative justice, right relationship, and transformative conflict resolution.

restorative relationships​

A constructionist look at how the binary maintains oppressive social structures. This is a both/and dialogue about all social identities and locations.

the binary + identity

This workshop was developed for yoga teachers, but all are welcome and will benefit. Format includes physical practice and meditation.

decolonizing body, mind, and spirit​

What does it mean to be an agent of change? How do we do this work in a sustainable and meaningful way? Begin to imagine how you will make a real and transformative impact.

spiritual activism

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