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an introduction to ayurveda

A 3-part introduction to the foundational philosophy and basic practices of ayurveda, a traditional Hindu system of health and longevity.


the yoga sutras of pantañjali

An introduction to the yoga philosophy of Patañjali.

the healing power of breath

This 2-part workshop explores the physical, energetic, and spiritual aspects of breath and its profound influence on our lives.


koshas: integration + synthesis

An exploration of the sheath-model of existence in dialogue and embodied practice. 

the bhagavad gita

An introduction to the story and philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita. This workshop explores its key teachings and what it means to get free. No prior study required.

culture, history + language

Learn the origins of western modern postural yoga, the cultural context of the source texts of the yoga tradition, and the basics of Sanskrit construction and pronunciation.

a conscious journey

A deep dive into spiritual practice in three parts: the inner work, the sacred web of being, and the world family. This workshop occurs in multiple sessions in order to allow for implementation of and reflection on practice.

yoga, ayurveda + philosophy

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